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Hello again NAME, once again welcome to our amazing Valentus movement! By now you should almost be completed of your 12in24™ Training, I'm sure you have lots of excitement and questions!  Don’t ever hesitate to pick up your phone and ask questions. In your training, you saw where to find contact info for your three up-line people – use them!

What do you do when someone is interested in “trying the products”…

First – Pre-enroll them! Explain that this gives them information on the business and the spot in your business for 90 days while they “try the products and fall in your love with the products because they work and then they are set to share the products and build a great business from there.

Second – Find out what results they are looking for, is it money, weight loss, energy, better sleep … know your products so that you can help them choose the products and number the boxes to get started – are they excited? Business minded? Business builder! Cautious want to try the product before the “buy in”?  Likely 6 boxes to start (2-3 coffee as people quickly fall in love with the coffee benefits and increase to 2 per day). Maybe 2 trim if weight loss is their goal. 1 immune and 1 energy so that they have all four products to try in 1 month. Then strongly suggest a loyalty purchase of 3 boxes or 6. And verbal commitment to at least 3-6 months being all natural ephedrine free products.

In case you do not fully understand the compensation plan just yet…this scenario if you came in at the business builder level, we will pay you a fast start bonus of $60 (for first 6 box purchase) and build binary volume (BV) of 100 BV every month (for 3 box loyalty purchase) which pays as well! Of course, all of our preference is to bring people in at business builder but remember, they must maintain 3 box loyalty purchase every month to maintain their business status, move up and earn commissions once they are ready to share the products and business opportunity.

Be patient – your garden will grow if you work it every day – and you will learn as you grow!

For your reference: -  This is your "Valentus University" - Training for representatives (IR’s)  - log in and get your own Marketing/Personal websites  (URL’s) - One of several URL's that you now own to promote - Webpage with the SlimRoast Business Video - short video on *What Is?* the 12in24™ Plan - prospecting website - prospecting Testimony website 

Once again,  welcome!  We look forward to building a truly successful partnership, and friendship together. 

Very important to connect with your NEW "IR" right away!  Send them a "WELCOME" email.

 Customize, copy & paste the sample email below

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Congratulations (NAME) on what may be the best health wealth and weight loss decision of your life! Choosing to join our Valentus family of independent representatives opens the world of endless opportunity and possibilities up for you! You will find incredible support through your upline (the person who introduced and brought you into the opportunity), their upline and far beyond. You will have personal contact with that person to guide you as well but here are some important suggestions to help set you on your path to great success…

#1  12in24™ Training (  – Invest the time and it will give back returns beyond your realm of imagination- print off your Road Map to Royal Diamond and follow along then fill in your appropriate pages, sign and return to your sponsor and…let’s get started!

#2 – Be the product! Learn the ingredients and ingredient benefits, take the products and begin your own story to share – (If you are working on your weight loss story, be sure to weigh, measure and photograph)

#3 – Be consistent, persistent and patient!
 Begin by telling your story, how great you feel, how happy you on social media 1-3 times (suggestion only) per week just enough information to create curiosity! Do not overshare, post your links or try to “sell” – it doesn’t work. Plant seeds…water your garden...and watch it grow!

#4 – Write your list - people you know would benefit from the products, and very important, people you think would be great in business. Again, be gentle, humble and kind…not everyone is going to be as excited as you first! Remember, no doesn’t always mean no forever…it may just be no right now.

#5 – Always carry samples – order business cards/product cards. Get people’s phone numbers and e-mail address in exchange for a sample – ask them if you can pre-enroll them and/or follow up in 1-2 days!

"Steps to follow for your new rep" (IR)

First YOU must complete training at

Spend 30 to 60+ mins per day in this website.

Listen to all the AUDIOS and VIDEOS

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Excited greetings proud Valentus independent representatives! We hope you are as excited as we are! Remember! We are all here to help you – be sure you are done your 12in24™ Training and ask lots of questions.

Today’s tips – how do I build my business? You first 3 IR’s (not including preferred customers) stay on the leg you came in on (you learned this in your training) – your team leg. This is extremely important – first, you learn as you grow and will need extra support as you begin. Second, you owe it to the person who introduced you to this great opportunity and third, you must contribute (maintain) 10% of your volume to your team leg in order to promote past Emerald.

As of your 3rd enrolled IR, you are going to move your rotator and your personal leg! Again, all of the support is here for you – make absolutely sure that you remain coachable and duplicate! 3 way calls are incredibly valuable – enthusiastically introduce and listen and take notes!

Follow up! You have heard that the fortune in the follow up…because it is! You want to grow and maintain a great team! Unsupported customers and representatives will wander off and fade away. There will be challenges and road blocks - you use your upline! Make follow up 3 way calls, and don’t give up – there are answers!

Training website!