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Some people just don't like drinking there's an option to "make" your own "SilmRoast" Pills / Capsules!

Make your own slim-roast capsules

Just Google "capsule machines" and you'll find a few suppliers.  It's REALLY easy to do and there's an instructional video on the website -   The one we used is Aviva CLICK HERE

The "Capsule Machine©" - Make Your Own SlimRoast Capsules!  

Dishwasher Safe - The Capsule Machine is the best home capsule filling device on the market. It automatically joins and ejects filled capsules, is faster and easier to use than other similar devices and can fill 24 capsules in two minutes!

TWO SIZES to choose from - We recommend SIZE 00

IF you buy the "size 00" By using ONE (1) SlimRoast package;  that will make "around" 8 capsules - It all depends on "how" you pack the powder. 

(based on results, the efficacy of the product does not change if you drink it or use capsules)

For the '0' size machine (UPC 708249001009), those capsules hold about 500 mg each (depends on powder). The '00' capsules holds approximately 735 mg  (depends on powder) - (UPC for that machine: 708249000019). One teaspoon of powder will fill the equivalent of about 7 '0' caps or about 5 '00' capsules. NOTE: it depends on how tight you pack the ingredients