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The 12in24™ and other symbols and names as may be adopted by 12in24™ Lifestyle System are proprietary trade names, copyrights, and trademarks belonging to the 12in24™. As a member, you are allowed to use 12in24™ copyrights, trademarks, service marks, and other marks (“Marks”) for purposes related to your promotions and activities as a 12in24™ member with written approval from CMT Ventures Inc. This includes (12in24) use in any domain name (URL) part, or in whole. 

As a 12in24™ member, you agree that you will not make health or medical claims (orally or in writing) concerning any Valentus branded product (“Product”) associated with the 12in24™ Lifestyle System. 12in24™ members are prohibited from making any claims (orally or in writing) that the Products are useful in the treatment, prevention, diagnosis or cure of any disease. A 12in24™ member shall not diagnose any medical condition or prescribe the Product as a treatment or prevention for any disease or condition. Medical claims regarding any Product are strictly prohibited. 12in24™ members should recommend to any customer who is currently under the care and attention by a physician, or currently using any medical treatment or care plan, that they are to seek the advice of their accredited healthcare provider before consuming the Product. 

Federal and state laws (country specific) have been enacted to protect the public from those who would deliberately suggest that any substance or device would replace the need for established diagnostic or medical advice, or treatment.

Through the use of the Products, the consumer is provided an opportunity to reach a personal conclusion without inducement. 12in24™ member may provide current Company literature and may speak of his/her own personal experience with the Products.  

A 12in24™ Lifestyle member should not state or imply that any Product is registered or approved by the U S Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) or any other regulatory authority. When making claims related to the benefits of a Product or giving personal testimonials concerning the Products that may be considered “structure/function” claims. The claim or testimonial must include the following disclaimer:

These statements have not been evaluated by the U S Food and Drug Administration, or any other local authority. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Unless prior written approval from the Company is obtained, actual, implied, or potential income claims are strictly prohibited. All members should be fully informed concerning the income opportunity associated with being a part of our program. Income is solely dependent on ones one’s own level of skill, dedication, and opportunity. You can earn commissions in proportion to one's own level of dedication and by building strong downline organizations and sales of Products. Potential income is one of the two major reasons that people join the program. Potential income, however, can be a sensitive issue. In cases where an interested person or prospect wants to know whether you personally have been successful as a member, it is fair to tell them, but you must make sure your statements concerning your earnings are truthful, and not misleading. You must never promise a certain level of income to a contact or prospect, because their performance depends on their efforts and is not representative of the income that that interested person or prospect may earn.

A member is prohibited from repackaging, altering, or otherwise misusing the Products. In addition, a member shall not make claims or provide instructions about the use, safety, or benefits of Products which is not included in the Company’s current literature, warnings, or Product labels for the market in which the product is being used or discussed. A member shall be solely responsible for their actions in violation of this policy.

All advertising, including, but not limited to, press releases and statements made on voicemail or prepared for publication in any advertising medium using 12in24™ names, logos, etc must be approved by CMT Ventures Inc. in writing prior to publication or dissemination. A member shall not advertise through any form of mass media (newspaper, magazine, television and radio) without prior written consent.

12in24™ will generally approve business cards with our logo, “thank you” cards, letterheads, and advertising copies of up to one page (letter-size in length) provided that it complies and shows that it's trademarked and used under permission (where applicable and viable). 

The law spells out special requirements that must be met for dietary-supplement literature to qualify under the “third-party” provision. It is your responsibility to ensure that all third-party material you give out to anyone meets these requirements:

The information must be a publication including an article, a chapter in a book, peer-reviewed scientific publication that appears in an article and was prepared by the author or the editors of the publication, reprinted in its entirety; or the complete study itself;

The information cannot be false, deceptive or misleading;

The information must give a balanced view of the available scientific information;

The information must be physically separate from the dietary supplement or other product;

The information cannot have additional information (such as a stamp or sticker with a supplement Company’s name) attached to it by any means; and the information must not make claims or statements prohibited by government regulations. Additional requirements and prohibitions may exist. Consult your attorney for more information.

Members with 12in24™ are prohibited from selling, in any form, products or marketing materials on any auction type websites, online classifieds, or other commercial websites such as eBay, Amazon com, Craigslist, etc. 12in24™ shall have the right to demand that a website or e-mail account be edited, removed, or terminated for failure to comply with written approval and guideline for it's use. This policy is over and above the Company’s written policies that outline the provisions that members are required to adhere to.