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TRIPLE Diamond success stories

Wrapshell Alderson – Triple Diamond      Redding, CA USA

When I was first introduced to Valentus products, it was suggested to try Valentus Coffee. I lost 18 lbs. and immediately got very excited and starting building an international business. My friends and co-workers also got very excited about my results and theirs, and the orders started pouring in. I then became more aggressive and started carrying samples with me wherever I went and reaching out to anyone I knew that might be interested and the business exploded.

I am very excited about my promotion to the Triple Diamond level. I owe much of my success to Internet marketing. I am very thrilled about my future with Valentus.

Shani Whelan – Triple Diamond      Leicester, UK

“There are so many reasons why I love Valentus. First, the company and leadership are so different to anything else out there. Valentus is run with honesty and integrity. Dave and Joyce Jordan always put the distributors first. Second, the products are incredible, simple and effective. Third, Valentus’ compensation plan is like nothing else I've ever seen. Valentus has completely changed my life, allowed me to dream again and has given me and my team the most amazing life (in record time!) I feel extremely lucky to be part of the Valentus family, and I am so happy to have found my home. Thank you to Valentus and our global family!”  

Tommy Swoles – Triple Diamond      Lake Country, BC Canada

“Dream big, then wake up and build the dream!" This is exactly what I have done since making the choice to become a part of Valentus. I’ve had great success as a self-taught entrepreneur all of my life, success coming from following a few simple rules; always work with people that put others first, trust the owner of your company and only work with a product or service that benefits all who come in contact with it.  CEO Dave Jordan and his vision for Valentus is congruent with all of my rules, so when I first saw the Valentus opportunity it was an easy decision to go "all in.” It's about being in the right place at the right time, and if you’re reading this, you’re exactly here.

I’ve always dreamed of having true freedom; freedom for my family to live a good life, and freedom for me to live life the way I want to. Valentus looked like a way to live that dream, and I was right. What I love the most about Valentus is that it is an even playing field; anyone can build success in this company. It doesn't matter if you’ve had five successful businesses, a career in network marketing, a University degree, or no experience whatsoever, if you make the decision to work Valentus for your first time in network marketing you will be supported here. As long as you have drive, and you are ready to work diligently and take advantage of the easy-to-use systems that our Valentus CEO has provided us, you too can “Prevail Today.”  

Mike King – Triple Diamond      Vegreville, AB Canada

What an opportunity! These are exciting times for my family and myself.  Having a traditional powerline business since the late 1990's, I was looking for something to spark my flame and get me fired up about something again. My sponsor, Ted & Michelle Wilson was the spark, and has been a great mentor and friend. This being my first kick at the cat in the network-marketing world, I was and still am determined that anyone CAN do this! With all of the awesome tools, mentors, and above all our incredible products that we have in our hands; the only thing holding back success is ourselves.

Always having the attitude of, "would I hire me?", we have built up an organization that keeps pushing us to the next level. As a new Triple Diamond with Valentus, my vision is to help take Valentus, and Dave and Joyce Jordan, to the top of this industry. Thank you for this new spark Valentus family, together we grow!

Bill & Avril Macmunn – Triple Diamonds      Ladysmith, BC Canada

Along with my lovely bride, Avril, we live on Vancouver Island and we love our life! We have 6 adult children, and between them a grandson and another one on the way. Bill has spent over 30 years in the corporate world in the auto industry, coaching, sales training and mentoring some of the top professionals but always building someone else's dream. Bill realized 20 years ago he would need a “Plan B” as there is no retirement program working in the automotive industry. When he discovered network marketing he knew that was the answer. Bill built a full-time income working the business part time in 3 separate companies. He understands it’s all about teamwork, and inspiring others to lead their best life.

Today, the reality of our world has changed thanks to Valentus! I am thankful everyday to our sponsor, Mike McClenaghan, and our owners Dave & Joyce Jordan. This company is founded on integrity, honor and strong family values. We believe we will create more 6 and 7-figure earners than any other network marketing company. We will accomplish this by expanding the network around the world with products that just simply work, and a culture where every person is valued and appreciated; a place to call home. Partner with us and let's change lives together!