Diamond Jo Skipsey, Kent, UK

“I'm a stay at home working Mum of 4. I began my journey 2 months ago to create freedom, to show and serve other women around the world that they can have the lifestyle they have always wanted! You don't have to be perfect, you just have to be willing to step out of your comfort zones, little by little and that's when the magic happens.” 

Diamond Beckie Cheetman, Liverpool, UK

“In only 10 months, Valentus has changed my life. It has allowed me to work from home full-time around my little girl, pay off a lot of debt, and now I am looking for my dream home with my family. I will be forever grateful for what this company has done for me, I cannot wait for the future!” 

Diamond Anita Chambers, Burton-on-Trent, UK

“This company has done so much for me and my family! I have grown in confidence and have achieved things I have only ever dreamt of! Not only am I debt free, but I am now able to stay home and be there for my 3 teenage children!!”

Diamond Jo Kemp, Oakley, Bedford UK

“Valentus has the best training provided, products that work, and an incredible and generous payplan that has completely changed my life. In only 5-months, I am now debt-free driving my dream car and financially free at 25 years of age. I am so grateful for this company!” 

Diamond Nicola Johnson, Staffordshire, UK

“My family is so precious to me and one of the many reasons I chose to join Valentus. I couldn't be more thankful to Valentus as I worked my way to achieving the same income as my full time management role, and have since been able to leave work developing this amazing business from home. This year alone, I have enjoyed 6 extra months being at home with my son.” 

Diamond Loren Corke, Essex, England

“Valentus has given me the freedom to work from home full-time with my family. The earning potential is incredible, but more importantly for me it has given me time - and this is more valuable than anything.”

Diamond Charmaine Watker, Suffolk, England

“There's so much good I can say about Valentus and what it has done for me and my family. The most important thing is time freedom with my 2 young children. Spending the entire 6-week summer break with them, with a great income, means no stress! Just making memories.”

Diamond JD Little & Jennette Surbaugh, Nashville, Tennessee

“Extremely excited to carry the "PREVAIL" Brand forward. Valentus is a tremendous vehicle that is clearly designed for everyone to WIN. Health, wealth and the time to enjoy them! Feeling blessed to be a part of this awesome lifestyle movement!”


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Diamond Anne Bullen James, Mount Vernon, Washington

“What a ride this has been! I’m in love with the company and our products! Valentus allows me to stay home with my kiddos and, thanks to an amazing team, we are sharing it across the globe!”

Diamond Aneska Wide, Benoni Gauteng, South Africa

“I love the freedom to grow as an individual. Valentus has not only helped me to achieve financial freedom, but it has enabled me to help my family. My achievement would not have been possible without my fabulous team (and my hubby and family!) that has helped me in reaching my goals to become the 1st diamond in South Africa.”

Diamond Victoria Bacon, Leicester, England

“Valentus has given me the freedom to spend time on what's most important! Making precious memories with loved ones!”

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Diamond Tazi-jo Lee, Lancashire, UK

“I’m so excited for me and my team to be part of this incredible company and such a huge opportunity. In just a few short months Valentus has already given me so much, an amazing income, our dream car, and an incredible future for my family and me!  

Amelia Walker - Diamond  Derby, UK

“What I love most about Valentus is the team spirit! Not only in the UK, but all throughout, it's infectious! What this company can give is not only wealth! It's compassion and love! We all love to see each other succeed, and help each other along the way.”

Diamond Debbie & Kevin Calladine, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

“The fact that I have the ability to help others on so many levels, is truly life changing. Valentus’ family culture is second to none. I love that my family is involved and growing this business with me."

Diamond Aron & Cathy Parker, Lake Worth, Florida

"I love Valentus because it's such a simple business... something anyone can do from home to create a full-time income. I'm so grateful for what Valentus has done for my family, giving us time freedom!"

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Diamond Laura Close, UK

“Valentus has been a life changing experience for me. It has enabled me to travel to six dream destinations in one year and the beauty of it is I can take my work with me on my travels!”

Diamond Kristiina Vainio, Maple Ridge, British Columbia

“There is a different way of making money without losing yourself to the daily grind. I am able to change lives and make a living doing it."