Deneen Iverson – Diamond      Kenora, ON Canada

After attending college and then moving on to attaining a university degree, I joined my first network marketing company in order to attempt to pay down my student loan. At the time, I knew zero about network marketing, but I fully trusted the friends that suggested I join. Fast-forward 20+ years, and 6 other network marketing opportunities. Due to network marketing, I was able to teach on a part time basis throughout my son and daughter’s childhood and early teenage years. When I heard about Valentus, I was very skeptical about the products and had no interest in the business, as I was already involved in another company.

My daughter and I began to feel differences in our energy level almost immediately, our ability to focus, my brain fog and diminishing of my migraines (which for me is a miracle in itself). Well, now I was hooked, so I began to pay attention to the compensation plan, listened to several recordings and quickly realized “Wow, I think there is something here that’s very different than any of the other 6 businesses I’ve been involved with!” Needless to say, I quickly decided to join with the business builder pkg. 

I was so excited with how I felt taking the 12in24© that I began talking to all my co-workers and friends, messaged anyone I saw online, and was out of samples within 4 days. I was both in awe and jumping with excitement. My first week as an IR, I traveled a few hours to an information event; now I could barely sleep I was so excited. 

I became a Diamond in just under 4 months. I am so grateful to my friends and business partners, as I know I could never achieve this without their dedication, belief and hard work. As a Diamond, I continue to enjoy working with our team helping them attain their Valentus goals. I encourage each business partner and IR to listen to as many calls or recordings as possible, follow the suggested system, such as DittoTalk and 3-way calls… the system is effective and it works!  This is truly an opportunity like nothing I’ve ever experienced. I now have health, enough money to help my children (who are now both in university) and still have money left at the end of the month. What an incredible feeling!!

Doug & Cathy Gregory – Diamond      Fort McLeod, AB Canada

Have you ever wondered if you would ever find a way to get out of the “rat race” of working Monday to Friday, and not feeling like you were getting ahead in life? Well, we dreamed our entire married life of finding a way out of this race. We have tried and failed many times and we were frustrated that maybe we would never find a way to fulfill our dream to become financially free, and have the TIME FREEDOM to truly enjoy our life together.

Well, in the spring of 2015, Cathy's brother, Mike King, introduced them to the Valentus opportunity and gave them a few their Coffee samples to try. We saw the value in what Valentus had to offer and we knew that in order to be "all in", we had to try the products first. Within 3 weeks of using these incredible products we upgraded to a business builder’s package and the rest is history. We both have become products of the products in the last 10 months and are leading many on the same journey. Doug's favorite thing is to tell people, "…it’s so easy, just consume and share!" Valentus is changing lives! Believe and Achieve!

Brad & Jennifer Wruth – Diamond      Prince George, BC Canada

I'm a small town girl, born and raised on a farm in Vanderhoof, BC. I have a huge family who are very loving and supportive, and I couldn't imagine life without them. I am a co-owner of a retail store and tanning salon with my brother Richard, which we have had for 14 years. I moved to Prince George 2.5 years ago to be with my spouse, Brad. I have been smoke free for 1.5 years and unfortunately gained about 20 pounds after I quit smoking. Brad and I were not happy about our weight and after seeing a very close friend lose 15 pounds using Valentus products, we decided to give it a shot.

Brad and I started Valentus in December 2015. I went and placed our first order not realizing I didn't unclick the Independent Rep box. I received an email congratulating me for becoming an IR. I panicked thinking I don't want to “sell” anything! Brad told me to calm down, that it was only $20 and it wouldn't break us. We did the product for 1 month and were absolutely amazed by Brad’s results. He convinced me to promote the product and see if anything could come out of it. I had never been part of any marketing business but thought I could make a few posts on Facebook and see how it would go. Well, in a total of only 4 months, I advanced to Diamond! Who would've thought that something like this could happen to a little small town girl who just wanted to lose a few pounds??
For the past 2 years we have wanted to start our own family but financially it just wasn't in the cards. Well, now we are happy to announce that we are pregnant and due in January 2017. We have absolutely no stress or doubts that we can provide the best life for this baby all thanks to Valentus!

Thank you for giving Brad and I a healthier lifestyle, he’s down 35 pounds and I was down 15 prior to my pregnancy. Thank you for helping the people I surround myself with have a healthier lifestyle! Thank you for helping me pay off our debt! And, most importantly, thank you for giving me this opportunity to be a mom!


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Nadine Jackson – Diamond      Medicine Hat, AB Canada

As an entrepreneur at heart, and an energy medicine practitioner at spirit, I am celebrating 27 years of marriage to my husband, Greg. I feel true joy in the freedom of being myself at work or at play.  I am an uplifting optimist, dedicated to gather, practice and share the fundamentals of health and healing while turning dreams into realities.

Like the many facets of a diamond, so are the desires of our customers and independent representatives. Together we believe you must bring your whole self to the table if you want to prevail. That’s where the transformations begin and the magic takes shape. We are excited and thrilled to be part of the Valentus family, and we simply LOVE all that we do together.  

Kevin & Linda Berghs – Diamond      Stony Plain, AB Canada

Both of us come from agricultural backgrounds in the bee-keeping and mixed farm arena while growing up. Kevin spent most of his adult career in Sales and Marketing, and as a stockbroker and financial advisor. Currently, he manages his time between building their Valentus Diamond business and being a business broker. Linda, on the other hand, has driven a special needs school bus for 11 years. She can say that she is absolutely addicted to our Valentus Coffee!!

We would like to personally thank Ted Wilson for sharing this great opportunity with us, Don Carson for his tireless support and our amazing Dream Walkers group. And, to our CEO and Founder Dave Jordan and his wife, Joyce, thank you for creating such a life-changing company and opportunity.

What we love best about being a Valentus Diamond is being able to help people truly change their outlook on their health and wealth. The family-like culture that Valentus provides is wonderful, and the time freedom plus travel opportunities are awesome!

Peter R Wiens – Diamond     Winnipeg, MB Canada

I was introduced to network marketing in my early twenties. The idea of residual income fascinated me, and a seed was planted. I have spent the last 24 years selling residential real estate, but the dream of building a network marketing business, and achieving both time and financial freedom, stayed with me.

In October 2016, when I finally took a serious look at Valentus the decision became simple. “If SlimRoast actually works, this is a no-brainer.” The journey to Diamond has been both fun and amazing. Great people. Outstanding products. Looking forward to an exciting future and making the dream come true.

TJ & Nicola LeBlanc – Diamond      Maple Ridge, BC Canada

My weight loss and health journey with Valentus has been life changing! I lost 63 pounds and over 80 inches, gained control of my diabetes and now I am no longer on any medications. My irritable stomach has improved by 95%, I sleep better than ever and I feel energized to be the best me I can be.

I am a full-time registered nurse and a mom to 4 pre-teen children. I met my new husband, TJ, in 2013 when we were both in financial crisis. Since then we have been living pay cheque to pay cheque hoping to save, but with the cost of living and starting out all over, we were getting nowhere.

In February 2016, I borrowed money from my mom to buy the business builder pack. I have no network marketing background so I just did what the successful people above me did, with a whole lot of passion! I now have hundreds of IR’s and customers on my team, with at least 20 nurses and 1 doctor. We continue to grow every day. I have NEVER had money in the bank until now. Our 5 year savings goal looks like it will now be a 1 year savings goal, and I was able to purchase my very first brand new vehicle all because of Valentus!

Lastly, TJ and I are expecting his first baby, my 5th! This was only possible to do without fertility treatments because I did what the Doctor had told me to do, LOSE WEIGHT! THANK YOU VALENTUS!! My family and I are truly blessed with this opportunity.

Les & Julie Parks – Diamond      Peachland, BC Canada

Les and I have 6 adult kids with 9 adorable grandchildren. I have worked for many years as an Executive Assistant in corporate offices stuck in an office tower with no opening windows, lots of time pressure, demands and deadlines. Les has been in the financial industry for the past 21 years riding though many up and down markets.

As both of us have a passion for the outdoors, we decided to move to Peachland in the beautiful Okanagan Valley 9 years ago. We love getting out on the water, love biking, hiking, golfing and touring on our Goldwing motorcycle.

Valentus is allowing us the time freedom we've always craved to enjoy all these things and spend time with our family on our time frame, not someone else's.  We're so happy to have found a place we can truly plant our flag! It is so rewarding to be able to help others achieve success with Valentus. 

Traycie & John Goedhart – Diamond      Kelowna, BC Canada

John and I have been married for 14 years. John is a Medevac Pilot and I have a self-employed background in custodial services. Both of our jobs don't offer a retirement package, no pension, and if we don't work we don't get paid. In my job, I can work days, evenings and weekends so we found it very hard to get away on holidays or even any family vacations. Last year, we were struggling to pay our bills and our home mortgage. I was always looking for a “Plan B” to help give us the life that we dreamt of. I dabbled in network marketing before but was unsuccessful.

Barry Hughes approached me about Valentus in March 2015, and after some time looking at it, I became very intrigued and decided to enroll! I started taking the products and absolutely loved them from day #1. At the same time, John was on a weight loss challenge at work so we secretly put him on the products. John won his challenge at work and to date John has lost over 23lbs and 22", and I have lost 15lbs and 25". I've gone from a size 14 down to a size 6. I was completely sold on the products, but then I met Dave and Joyce and saw the passion, vision and heart of this company! Then meeting the other leaders and really feeling the love from each of them, it really felt like a family.  

I work Valentus very part-time. I have a super amazing team that is always growing. I wouldn't be here without each and every one of them. The love and support is phenomenal!! I became Valentus’ 58th Diamond in June 2016. We no longer worry about how to pay our bills or our mortgage. We're not taking on extra jobs anymore. We just purchased our very first trailer to go camping with. It feels really good to not have to worry or lie awake at night wondering about tomorrow. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure it's real and not a dream! We are now looking forward to our future; and to all the people we’re going to help along the way. It's definitely a dream come true.   Thank you Valentus for this amazing company, and to all of the leaders for helping, guiding and mentoring us; and, to my amazing, unstoppable team, thank you! I love you all. Dreams do come true if you just believe and never give up!!

Kent Weir – Diamond      Regina, SK Canada

I am a health practitioner specializing in Sho-Tai in Canada. Prior to Valentus, I was still working part time as a gas station attendant. I'm grateful to say that, after my first month in this company sharing these products and opportunity within my community, I was able to quit my part time job and pursue my career and passion in the natural wellness field!

I chose Valentus because these products work. The results my clients are experiencing on these products are absolutely incredible! I get calls DAILY with people asking me what's up with this coffee? These products are powerful, easy to take and they work from drink number one. Thank you to our CEO Dave Jordon and the Valentus team for putting together something truly special. 

Kristine Day – Diamond      Lake Country, BC Canada

Married to my husband, Tim, with two young and active children, we run a 40 acre apple orchard. Additionally, I am a physiotherapist assistant in a care home. I've tried network marketing a few times in the past, but have never succeeded. I am so glad I took another chance and said "yes" to Valentus when my sponsor, Barry Hughes, introduced me in the spring of 2015.

Valentus has great products, and combined with the expertise leadership lead by CEO Dave Jordan, we are experiencing people that have a genuine, heartfelt "why" that makes this opportunity work. I believe my dream has become a reality. What a great feeling to be able to share, and to help others. We have assembled an awesome team in a very short period of time, and I couldn’t be more proud of all of them.

Bob & Barbara Bell – Diamond      Asheville, NC USA

It is with tremendous gratitude and excitement that Barb and I are at this place and time with Valentus. As visionaries, we appreciate and respect the tremendous business model, Valentus, Dave and Joyce Jordan have manifested. Barb is a full-time mom with a strong passion for integrity and her hobby of genealogy. We have three children, all who are a part of the Valentus family. Christopher is 32, Lisa is 30 and Cassidy is 17.

Barb comes from a banking background, having been in the industry for 10 years before being introduced to network marketing in the early 90's. My entrepreneurial career began right out of college as a pioneer in the desktop publishing industry. When I first heard the term functional beverages in October 2015 in Kelowna, BC, I felt the same way I did thirty years ago with desktop publishing; this will be a new industry category! Currently, stores are loaded with unhealthy beverages and society is waking up to the harmful effect they are having on our bodies. In the future, I believe these will be replaced with healthier choices such as Prevail functional beverages.

Barb and I are so excited to be the first Valentus Diamonds in the Carolinas and to be helping to contribute to a culture within Valentus of integrity and unity throughout the world. The values we are sharing are a healthier life, more energy and the opportunity to earn a real residual income. We look forward to enjoying Valentus, the present, with you, your family and the entire world!! 

Brenda Brown – Diamond      Emerald Park, SK Canada

Married now for 27 years to my husband Warren, with 3 boys, we live in Emerald Park, Saskatchewan on a beautiful acreage where my husband restores classic cars.  Myself, I own a traditional hair salon business in Regina, Saskatchewan with a very supportive staff of 8 gals for over 25 years now. What I so love about the Valentus business and being a Diamond Leader is the personal growth that it is bringing into my life, and the opportunity to meet so many wonderful kind-hearted, and like-minded individuals!

The health aspect of the products has been a big asset to supporting me emotionally, as well and physically, so that I feel that I can take on and enjoy this journey! Valentus is supporting me financially with the opportunity to be FREE from a traditional “JOB”, just over broke position, even as a traditional business owner! When I work over time in this business I see it in my weekly pay cheque, not like that of my last 35 years working the grind. My income can now be a reflection of the work and effort that I put in!!  “If it’s going to be, it’s up to me!” Thank you to Valentus and my amazing team of supportive customers and team partners!

Sarah Fraser – Diamond      Lake Country, BC Canada

I joined Valentus one year ago to create an extra source of income to help me reach ambitious goals of growing my fitness studio called Crave Fitness and to provide my clients with quality products that are all natural and non-GMO. Valentus has become a platform for me to share my passion for fitness, values and desire to motivate people to reach their goals.

As the Co-creator of 12in24© “No gym No problem” platform, my brother, Valentus Triple Diamond Tommy Swoles and I have been able to reach out to so many individuals in person and through the power of social media. We are making big headway to further motivate people, and to ultimately help reach success physically and, in some cases, financially. In May 2016, I became Valentus’ 51st Diamond leader in the company. I am excited about our future together.

Marilyne & Steve Chapman – Diamond      Kelowna, BC Canada

We were introduced to Valentus in October 2015. We attended the very first Leadership Summit presentation in Kelowna. We met Dave & Joyce Jordan, Ted Wilson and Barry Hughes that evening; we joined because we were intrigued by what the speakers shared about Valentus. We were also curious to see if Marilyne would actually lose weight drinking coffee. Two weeks after I started the 12in24© program I lost 10lbs. The products definitely worked. I was now on a quest to find out everything I could about the compensation plan and the company. This was in November 2015.

In January 2016, Steve jumped on board as a supportive husband. We both started working at our company with goals to be Diamonds. We accomplished our goals and became Valentus’ “50th” Diamond business by May 2016! 

Valentus has, and is, continuously changing our lives. Steve now works with Marilyne full time with their Valentus business. We enjoy the freedom and liberty of working together from home, or wherever we choose. We are so grateful to Dave & Joyce for creating this possibility for us, and to Ted & Barry who have mentored us along the way.

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Julie Litke – Diamond     Spruce Grove, AB Canada

My husband Jim and I reside in Spruce Grove Alberta Canada. We have 5 children between both of us and 10 grandchildren! We live our lives with a simple motto... “Be thankful to God, speak from the heart and treat others the way we would like to be treated.” I have many hobbies, which include camping, quadding, golfing, sketching and making wine just to mention a few. Jim enjoys hunting, camping, golfing and collecting antiques.

I am a make-up artist and an aesthetician by trade. I have owned my own traditional franchise and I realized it was not the lifestyle I was looking for. The networking industry has given me exactly what I want. I have been in the industry full time for 6 years; I will have been with Valentus for a full year September 15 2016. Valentus has provided me with everything I have looked for in a networking company… leadership, a unique and simple business model and products that truly deliver without exception.

Valentus is my home and I look forward to helping my team and me going to the Top!

Felice Miller – Diamond      Haiku, HI USA

In the ten years of being in the network marketing industry, I have never seen a product that is this easy to share, and where people feel and see results almost immediately! Dave Jordan, our wonderful CEO of Valentus, has given us an opportunity to create a legacy in a very positive and profound way that you don’t see in most traditional businesses. With an easy, duplicatable system in place along with one of the best compensation plans ever, anyone with determination and commitment can be successful here!

When we have belief in a company, great products and a belief in ourselves; we become a natural magnet attracting people to us because of our enthusiasm! Valentus is an opportunity to make a definable difference in a most wonderful and positive way!


Terry Evans – Diamond      Edmonton, AB Canada

People in Edmonton, Alberta have been waking up to Terry Evans on the radio for the better part of 30 years. He has long been a Champion of the Community and is continuously supporting and giving his time and efforts to charity events in the city. He's been married to his bride, Jodie, for 19 years and has a son, John, who is a professional Drummer. Their daughter, Kate, is a National Level Synchronized Swimmer.

Aside from his radio career, Terry has owned a Transport Company, Healthy Vending Machine Company, Freelance Voice Over Company and hosted his own Television Show "Friday Night with Terry Evans". He has also been on Boards of many charitable and community organizations. Terry also manages one of his son's bands and is a strong proponent of the Local and National Music Scene.

Valentus has come at the right time for Terry as he winds down his career; as he watches his children become more independent and grow into adults, and as Terry starts to look forward to spending more time travelling with his wife. Discovering new destinations at their own speed, and with a whole new HEALTHY lease on life thanks to Valentus, in 3 years time Terry will say, “we’re glad we did!”

Michelle Culberson – Diamond      Burns Lake, BC Canada

Valentus has been a life changing experience for Michelle. The products have had a significant impact on her overall health and helped her reclaim the once healthy, active lifestyle she loved. Having dealt with depression since she was a teenager, and in recent years developing Fibromyalgia, life sometimes felt very heavy and absolutely overwhelming and bleak. Through the use of Valentus’ life-giving products, Michelle has been able to drop over 25 pounds, about the same number in inches, regain a healthy and active lifestyle, and reduce the daily pain and "flare-ups" associated with Fibromyalgia. This has resulted in a more stable mood. To say the products have been life changing almost feels like an understatement.

As a single mom in a small Northern British Columbia town, Michelle often worried about the financial future for herself and her two daughters. While she has a good job as a professional in the Public Post-Secondary industry, there weren’t the extra funds available for her own daughters' college or university educations. There was also no extra money to invest in retirement savings plans and credit card debt was increasing. The financial gain of having a diamond business has relieved some of that stress and has provided an exciting, adventure-filled plan for the future.

Above all, Michelle has experienced something with Valentus that she never knew existed on this level. The culture that has been created here, that lifts each person up as an individual as well as a group, is one of the most positive and uplifting environments she has ever experienced. Building a Valentus Diamond business has given Michelle the freedom and confidence to be able focus on personal growth, continued healing and providing a secure future for her children.

Julie Litke – Diamond     Spruce Grove, AB Canada

My husband Jim and I reside in Spruce Grove Alberta Canada. We have 5 children between both of us and 10 grandchildren! We live our lives with a simple motto... “Be thankful to God, speak from the heart and treat others the way we would like to be treated.” I have many hobbies, which include camping, quadding, golfing, sketching and making wine just to mention a few. Jim enjoys hunting, camping, golfing and collecting antiques.

I am a make-up artist and an aesthetician by trade. I have owned my own traditional franchise and I realized it was not the lifestyle I was looking for. The networking industry has given me exactly what I want. I have been in the industry full time for 6 years; I will have been with Valentus for a full year September 15 2016. Valentus has provided me with everything I have looked for in a networking company… leadership, a unique and simple business model and products that truly deliver without exception.

Valentus is my home and I look forward to helping my team and me going to the Top!

Harley & Melody Skipness – Diamond      Qualicum Beach, BC Canada

My wife Melody and I have two grown kids, Brandon and Karalee along with two grandsons with another grandchild on the way. We are a very close family, avid hockey fans with a very busy hockey background. Harley has been a truck driver and equipment operator for over 36 years. For the last few years I've sat in the seat trying to think of a better way to make a living, live a life and be more involved with my family. Working from 2 am to 6 pm just didn't allow the time to be together as a family. Melody has a successful beauty salon/hair stylist background, which allowed me to look for a better way.
We found Valentus through a new friend and our sponsor, Mike McClenaghan, where I went from being very skeptical to “I can't believe how lucky we are to have found this!” I've heard the statement, "Valentus products are changing lives.” I used to think "yeah right", but I can honestly say that it is TRUE! Valentus has changed our lives in so many ways. From how we eat, to what we eat, to how much sugar we take in, to how much water we drink and how good we sleep and feel about our health; our health has improved in so many ways. 

Our Valentus business has allowed me the time to be with my family, with no time restrictions, to go where I want, when I want and I have the time FREEDOM to live life how I've wanted to for years. This has been my WHY.  In a few short months I've lost 45 lbs., solved personal health issues, replaced my regular income that I used to make and I LOVE what we’re doing together, as a couple. Thank you