Brenda Belcheff & Dave Moffatt - Diamonds

Growing up in rural Saskatchewan we both developed a love of the outdoors and a strong work ethic. The family values and old school integrity we learned along the way has served us well throughout our lives and has played a large part in preparing us for a future in business. Brenda has been involved in her family’s nutraceutical and natural products business for many years while simultaneously working as a Financial Planner for one of the major Canadian banks for the past 29 years.

The father of two grown boys, Dave was founder and CEO of a manufacturing company that developed aftermarket motorcycle accessories in Canada and the United States. He has worked in sales for 31 years and is currently employed as a mortgage specialist at another one of the major banks.

We came together at a time in our lives where we both knew what we wanted and thankfully it turned out to be each other 😊 We’ve been soul mates from the start and make a fantastic team with a mutual respect for each other and a common goal in life.

We’ve both developed a very strong passion for business over the years but sadly our experience has shown that time and time again outside influences in the corporate world can quickly derail enthusiasm, success and momentum. It doesn’t matter what business it is or what product you’re selling it really is all about “PEOPLE”. If you don’t have the right people in the right places doing the right things you will fail miserably no matter how good your product is.

Neither one of us has been involved in a network marketing company before but Valentus has been an absolute breath of fresh air when we needed it the most. The products have proven to be of an extremely high quality and what’s more important to us is the Founder and CEO, corporate leaders and management team have shown that they are a dedicated passionate group with a very high level of integrity and a will to succeed in a team environment that we have never witnessed before.

We really do feel we are in the right place at the right time with the right people and we we’re so happy to be along for the ride.

NINA TERESA S. GENABE  – Philippines - Diamond

A big thank you to Valentus and of course to Mr. Dave Jordan!! With their opportunity that I grabbed with both hands, my reward is this! Thank you for sharing this very wonderful opportunity to lose weight and feel great while earning extra income. It has tremendously helped a lot of us to be healthy in so many ways. All the success stories have inspired me to continue to work hard, support our team members and share the healthy lifestyle of Valentus.

The first goal with Valentus was a slimmer body, but now the future is what I want it to be! It is possible and if i can do it so can YOU!! To my NTSGENABE TEAM thank you so much. Keep sharing and continue to be a blessing. Let's keep on rocking and dream big!!! 

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Mike and Shelley Daskaluk - Diamonds

We are so proud to be a part of this successful company that is being built with family values, genuine people and products that work. We live on an acreage near Vegreville, Alberta and have been happily married for 26 years with two beautiful daughters, Nicole and Karly.

Joining Valentus in May 2015, we had very little experience in the network marketing industry. Our sponsor Mike King has helped our family in so many incredible ways. He has guided and assisted us through our journey and we are extremely grateful that he introduced us to this company and these amazing products!

Watching this company grow and recognizing the substantial future it has is an exciting adventure. Helping people reach their personal goals while allowing us financial stability is a feeling like no other. Thank you Dave and Joyce Jordan, we know this wouldn’t be possible without your integrity and determination. 

​Dr. Helen Aquines  - Diamond

A retired academician, former University Registrar, Prefect of Discipline, Elem/HS teacher, Asst. Principal, Guidance Counselor, and a Professor.   It was my daughter, Wrapshell Alderson, who introduced me to Valentus as my retirement job.  Retirement job?  My first reaction?  I almost go crazy.  I could not fathom why in this world my daughter would give me a job after my retirement.  Isn't it absurd? Just the same, I patiently listened to her explanations and I was quite convinced.

 Ahhh, ok this is a good passive income for a woman who is already tired of delivering lectures infront of her students from 7:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M.  I wondered if the pay plan is really real and true.  I find the pay plan to be so generous.  I was quite ecstatic when my first paycheck was reflected in my back office.

To my amazement, this is really real!  It encourages me more to work harder by just tinkering my small gadget at home; inviting friends to join my business and/or offering them to try the products of Valentus.  t was really fun to be with Valentus.  With generous compensation plan to speak of, coupled with great people behind the company, this is really it.  It changes our lives for the better.  No more long hours of hard work.  No more preparations of syllabi. No more time INS and time OUTS. No more LATES, etc.  Valentus really offers great opportunity to people who know how to spot a diamond field.  I would like to thank Dave Jordan and Joyce Jordan for establishing this wonderful company.

Dr. David & Susan Fran – Diamonds  

"Having a longtime ambition of owning my own business, I could not believe that I have found all the qualities in one place that is Valentus. The people behind it, the impressive products, training and leaders are the reason why together with all my loved ones, I would like to grow old with this company." 

Tammy & Neale King - Diamonds - Canada

Tammy and I were introduced to this opportunity in the spring of 2015 by my brother Mike King. A few months of being dripped on a few times by Mike and sister Cathy, we decided to try the 12in24lifestyle. After the first two weeks, both Tammy and I were seeing results from taking the products.

We were invited to the first ever Valentus leadership summit in October of 2015. I decided after some discussions with Mike to join him for the trip to Kelowna BC.

As we look back now, that weekend was the beginning of the rest of our lives. I met and heard from most of the leaders that started this company along with Valentus founders, Dave and Joyce Jordan.

When I arrived back home, my first words to Tammy was "we are all in". From that point we began to share our stories and the opportunity to become a part of this great company. Slowly we were beginning to see success. At that point however, hitting Emerald seemed so far away. But, after lots of sharing, we received that phone call from Dave for becoming the 82nd Diamonds in the company.

This has become our passion, to help people get what ever it is they want from this business, and in return, see our whys fulfilled.

Being a product of the product, and believing in a miracle is the key to success.

Mina G. Montes, Pampanga Philippines - Diamond

I've been searching for the best networking business for the past 10 years but my previous networking experiences have all been  failures. Until I came across Valentus in Dec. 2015 through my cousin. I was so inspired by the leaders in Valentus,  the business model, & the products really works. I have a traditional business (Spa & Salon) for 5 years. But, my current income in Valentus, in comparison is so far greater and rewarding. When I reach the Diamond status I finally have the financial freedom that I so dream about. My husband & I  love the products so much it help us a lot with our over all health; not just for losing weight. We are also happy to share the blessings with others!


Dylan Hodge - Diamond

I stumbled across Valentus while looking for a way to make some additional income to support my family. Having a background in technology and business, I immediately saw the opportunity that Valentus presented with the SlimRoast Coffee. A dual niche product that was a sure win!

Without any previous network marketing experience, I relied heavily on my technology background and took a non-traditional route, marketing online. The results have been amazing! Valentus really is the future of network marketing providing 21st century tools to help grow your business.

Aside from having great health and financial results with Valentus, I’ve met so many amazing people. The up-line sponsors have been amazing to work with and always there when you need them. We’re now growing a huge team of people all over the world.
Valentus has truly been a game changer for me and my family. 

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Hayley Jane Bartley – Diamond   -  UK

I live in Stoke on Trent, uk. This is without a doubt the best company I've worked with because everything runs like clockwork and the training, support and family feel within the teams is incredible. I love that we can help people across the world with revolutionary products that really work and that my team members can definitely realize their goals and dreams with Valentus. 

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Brent Geransky – Diamond   

When my mom first introduced Valentus to me I immediately saw the opportunity and bought a Builder Pack thinking that if this product really does work, it'll be a game changer, and it sure has been!!! I lost 12lbs in 12 days, (and I stay in pretty good shape) it was the tough fat that was hard to get rid of, I've now been able to maintain that weight (which is just as important as losing it) that was March 2016 and in 7 months I achieved Diamond simply by sharing the products with people, this has now supplemented my regular source of income very well and will soon take over completely... It's  still hard to believe this has all happened in a matter of 7 months, what a ride!!!

It's very exciting to hear endless testimonials of how these products are changing people's lives, look for Valentus to be an everyday household product because believe me WHEN YOU START USING THESE PRODUCTS YOU'LL NEVER WANT TO STOP :)