Terry Bell – Double Diamond      Selkirk, MB Canada

I have been a herbalist for over 40 years practicing the art of Sho-Tai. I was introduced to Valentus through a client and was very impressed from day number one! Not only with the weight loss properties of the products, but the energy and the health benefits as well! I see clients from coast to coast across Canada and have seen Valentus products do amazing things for a lot of people. I am a firm believer in Valentus, and to have my family and close associates involved with me makes this a very rewarding experience.

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DOUBLE Diamond success stories

Nicola Shields – Double Diamond    Dunshalt, Scotland

“I love the freedom of being able to work my Valentus business around my son, and my passion for equestrianism. I also get a real buzz from helping other people achieve things they only have ever dreamt of before! Thank you Valentus!”

Carly Steel - Diamond - London UK

“This opportunity have given me the freedom I've always wished for, I can now stay at home full-time and spend more time with my daughter. I have an amazing team who has gone from strangers to BFF! I love how this business is changing people's lives everyday!” 

Mark & Peggy DiSalle – Double Diamond      Sammamish, WA USA

In all of our years in network marketing, we have never worked with such an amazing company! With products that practically sell themselves, and such an inviting opportunity, someone has never asked us if they could join us before! With Valentus, it happens all the time! All of the business partners we have brought to Valentus have had a relatively easy time adapting quickly to our culture and training. These products are so easy to talk about, unlike a previous company that we had worked with that had all science-based products! Valentus’ pay plan is the most generous we have ever seen, and we get paid very generously and on time every week!

This is the most fun in business we have ever had doing together, and it’s rewarding by simply talking to people about Valentus’ products, and our business opportunity and timing to the marketplace. We have never had the pleasure of working with a more generous and caring owner as our CEO Dave Jordan. He puts his heart and soul into this company and truly cares about the success of every single person. We have found our home here with Valentus, and we invite you to consider joining us on this rare journey we find ourselves on!

Norma Murphy – Double Diamond      Kelowna, BC Canada

As a nurse, a wife and a mom my life was consumed by working shift work, preparing meals, trying to maintain a clean house and dealing with a teenager. I let what mattered most get away from me... my health and well-being. I gained weight, felt tired and had zero energy. Then I was introduced to Valentus. On day one I felt the coffee work and I instantly fell in love with these products! And I started to lose weight immediately! Friends, family and fellow nurses wanted to know how, since the products are so easily consumed, sharing was easy. I now have business partners from the West coast to the East coast and a few international team members as well.

I feel better, I have more energy, more confidence and a new career, I work for myself. I cannot wait to see what the future holds, if the last 7 months are any indication, life will be nothing short of amazing!  Thank you Valentus and to my awesome sponsor, Danielle Davies for offering me this gift.

Claire Murdoch  – Double Diamond     Milton Keynes England

“In 13 short but very exciting months, Valentus has changed me and my son’s life, It has given us freedom and choices; freedom to travel and enjoy life with the choice of how we live our lives. Not only am I debt free, I am worry free! Something that was not possible before Valentus. We are part of the most amazing family (The Valentus Family) and for that I am eternally grateful.”

David Holland & Jessica Oliveira – Diamond      Barrie, ON Canada

"Success is a journey, not a destination," Dave states. “Jessica and I both come from humble beginnings with hard working middle class parents. We knew we wanted more for ourselves and our little girl, we wanted to give back to our parents.” Both David and Jessica started their careers within the financial industry, climbing the corporate ladder to senior level positions only to realize they didn't own the ladder and they needed a ‘Plan B’. “With network marketing, we own the ladder we climb. We had success in previous networking companies but there was always something missing which we now understand it to be timing, support, great product, and an outstanding compensation plan. All of which, we have found here at home with Valentus.”

“Even though we've reached the position of Diamond, we won't stop here! We will continue to grow until our entire team is at the top with us,” states Jessica. Valentus has been the answer to their prayers; it has given their health back, has created a solid foundation for wealth and true time freedom.

“Thank you to our team, to CEO Dave Jordan and the Valentus Leadership Team. If you’re still wondering if Valentus is for you, all we can say is ‘to get what you've never had, you must do what you've never done.’” 

Danielle Davies – Double Diamond      Pitt Meadows, BC Canada

Valentus goes above and beyond what I had thought it was when I was first introduced to this company. I am so grateful for the call from my sponsor, Gale Tracey, for sharing with me about this exciting new company. And, for Ted Wilson, who took the time to explain to me just how amazing Valentus was poised to be. I am blown away that within 6 months, with no real network marketing experience, I have achieved the Double Diamond status within Valentus thanks to a phenomenal team. I love seeing their lives change daily, both health-wise and by achieving financial success.

You do not have to be great at sales to succeed with Valentus, the products and business opportunity basically sells itself. The ongoing testimonials and heartfelt gratitude from customers on how these products have saved their lives, or have helped to give them back their confidence, has truly been a gratifying and humbling experience. Personally, I have gone from a size 9/10 down to a size 0/2. I've been given the opportunity financially to stay at home with my 2 young children, with a car bonus, plus I've met so many great new friends! I can't wait for what's to come!

Natalie Parr - Diamond - Liverpool, England

Valentus has helped me change my life! In the matter of months I am now debt free and can save a deposit to buy a bigger home for me and my family.  Thank you Valentus!!!!! 

Donna Farrell – Double Diamond      Surrey, BC Canada

I live in beautiful British Columbia, Canada with my 2 daughters. With an extensive career in sales and marketing, and a business education, my background has allowed me to accomplish and enjoy many prosperous years. Providing for my family has been my top priority, and the network marketing industry has allowed me to be a top leader in companies before Valentus. Since my decision to join Valentus in late 2015, I have not looked back. With an incredible and loyal team behind me, I was able to achieve Diamond status in a record setting time personally. I believe Valentus will be the biggest and most rewarding experience for my organization in all of my years experience within this dynamic industry.

I have a passion for mentoring and coaching, and network marketing shines brightly through all of my presentations and daily activities. Valentus is an extended family! A team with a BIG HEART that fosters honesty and integrity, and a genuine transparency of what is necessary to build a legacy, this gives our profession a great name! Hats off to Dave and Joyce Jordan, with Valentus it’s safe for everyone to dream again and to be the change necessary in our world today. 

Teresa Findlay – Double Diamond      Fraser Lake, BC Canada

I am married to my best friend, Kevin, and we have 4 beautiful children. I am a full time hairdresser in my own salon and we live in Northern BC. We joined Valentus in June 2015 and have been on an amazing adventure ever since. Neither of us has ever been in network marketing, and it has been an epic experience! Dave and Joyce Jordan and Valentus have changed our lives. We are dreaming bigger than ever and are thrilled to say that the financial burdens are now no longer. We are able to send our kids to post secondary and I am excited that I can cut my salon time in half and still be able to have financial freedom and a plan for early retirement.

I have been fortunate to have wonderful friends and family join our team and it has been very rewarding watching them grow their own businesses as well! Although it's been a learning curve for me personally, the upline support and family mentality that Valentus offers makes all of our success achievable. We continue to learn on a daily basis and we look forward to advancing, growing and sharing our successes with our new Valentus family. 

Gale Tracey – Double Diamond      White Rock, BC Canada

A former colleague that I had met while at a previous network marketing company introduced me to the Valentus opportunity in August 2015. After nearly 2 years of struggling with that prior company, I gave up on it along with my hope to replace my career income that unfortunately owned me. However, when I got that phone call from Mike McClenaghan about a “weight loss coffee,” I immediately called my partners to tell them the good news!! As soon as we tasted and felt the effects of the SlimRoast we knew this was a winner. What really sealed the deal was attending the first leadership summit in Kelowna, BC in October 2015. We were able to meet CEO Dave Jordan, the creator of this amazing company, and to hear his story and his passion help to re-assure all of us in attendance that he would never do anything to lose our faith or trust in him, as other companies have done.

Meeting all of the top leadership of Valentus is amazing in itself, and to know that this is a company where all of us want to be part of is exciting! We get to help people with a cutting edge line of weight loss and lifestyle products that actually work! In only 5 months following that fateful summit meeting, my amazing team has allowed me to achieve the leadership rank of Double Diamond! All while still running a very busy mortgage business that has owned me for 16 years of my life. With the support of my husband, Kevin, and our 22-year old daughter, Jenna; both have had significant weight loss success! Valentus is a dream come true, and I’m honored to be part of the Valentus family!

Brett & Andrea Griffin – Double Diamond      Shoal Lake, MB Canada

We are a family with two beautiful girls from a small community of 800 people. We love everything outdoors, camping, fishing, hunting and boating. Both of our girls are active in all sorts of sports throughout the year. We are a very busy, active family and Valentus has given us the freedom to do all of this with no pressures from lack of time or finances. 

We had a traditional brick and mortar business that grew faster than we could handle. We had to let go of that dream which led Brett having to take a job with long hours that kept him away from his family, missing out on many family moments. We joined with Valentus in August 2015. Less than a year later in June 2016 Brett resigned from his traditional job to work our Valentus business full time.  

We had little to no experience in the Network Marketing industry but once we both had huge success on the products, we realized quickly that we had something here. After seeing the hearts of Dave and Joyce Jordan and the incredible leadership that Dave had gathered to launch Valentus, we knew immediately that we were in the perfect place at the perfect time. Valentus has changed our lives in ways we never thought possible. What we love most about our Valentus business is that it has given us the ability to help so many people who are in the same situation we were in before Valentus with both health and financial freedom.  

Chantal Weaver  – Double Diamond    Liverpool, UK

“I love Valentus because not only has it given me a business creating time & financial freedom, but I have made friends for life! Thank you Valentus, and to all of my wonderful team who have become family!”