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Mike & Alexis McClenaghan – Blue Diamond      Nanaimo, BC Canada

My beautiful wife, Alexis, and me have twin teenage boys. Our lives are busy, as we own and operate a traditional retail store during the day and, work Valentus part-time in the evening. In 2015, I teamed up with our good friend Ted Wilson, and took a leap of faith based on the information we were given. When I heard “weight loss and coffee”, it caught my immediate attention. When Mike lost 25 pounds in only 3 weeks, we were sold! The biggest turning point for me was when I had the privilege to meet CEO Dave Jordan, and his lovely wife, Joyce. To hear Dave's passion and vision for the future of Valentus, to create a platform for all of us to succeed, was all that I had to hear. The rest is history. 

When you have a combination of timing, products that are "results driven" and an unbelievable compensation plan that is truly rewarding for all; you truly have a recipe for success. Valentus is changing the world, one person at a time.

Ted & Michelle Wilson – Blue Diamond      Kelowna, BC Canada

"A life without limits" is a mantra that we’ve lived by for decades. We work hard, and play hard. We provide for our family, and we enjoy living for today, there’s a reason why it’s called the “present.” We moved our family to the beautiful Okanagan Valley of British Columbia in 2014 and we haven’t looked back. Ted has been a full time networker with a specialty in health and nutrition with supporting education. One of my greatest thrills has been to help people who want to be helped, with their health and well being. Since 1989, we have been crowned top performing leaders in several network marketing companies in the nutrition field over our 27 year career, but timing and circumstance led us to our fateful re-introduction to Dave Jordan, CEO of Valentus.

14 months later, we have been fortunate to assemble a leading, multi-national organization comprised of committed professionals from all walks of life, from diverse corporate, professional and personal backgrounds. What’s resulted is literally a pioneering movement of greater than 10,000 team members of independent representatives and customers all consuming, succeeding and celebrating personal victories. All courtesy of Valentus’ incredible products that a simple to take, easy to share, and they work literally from drink number 1.

Being crowned Valentus’ first Blue Diamond is a responsibility, and we humbly recognize the importance of honesty in business and congruency in our actions. Our family, from our personal marriage together of nearly 20 years with 2 awesome children, to our expanded family of personally sponsored Diamonds, loved ones and friends; this is what it’s all about, contribution and succeeding TOGETHER. The best is yet to come, and we thank the entire Valentus family for their trust placed in this awesome company, with these awesome leaders Valentus is attracting.

Don & Nancy Carson – Blue Diamond      Winnipeg, MB Canada

We’ve been happily married for 19 years, with 2 incredible teenagers that mean the world to us. Working hard leads to enjoying life to the fullest, which we enjoy doing as much as we can. We have been very fortunate to get in front of a number of trends in the last 20 years. From owning a number of Canadian #1 fitness TV infomercial products, to owning successful traditional businesses in retail to distribution, Don knows the value of hard work with the responsibilities of employing multiple employees. Nancy owns a restaurant and a wedding pavilion that employ great people providing award-winning service. Valentus allows us to support each other's efforts in the best-timed opportunity we have ever seen. We've tried a few network-marketing companies over the last 20 years but have never had this level of success and support before. I've always felt that the method of distribution this industry offers is the wave of the future.

Nancy and Don are true products of the product, which we both find easy to share amongst our friends. Achieving the rank of Blue Diamond in Valentus is a significant milestone for our team and us. It represents success for 3 very important reasons; one, Valentus' products are in high demand globally that everyone wants, they’re priced right and they work! Two, we offer a duplicable system that makes sharing simple, which is key to success. And three, Valentus provides a reward system that is so fair anyone can earn income quickly while they learn the opportunity.  Let’s all lead our teams to do our best to open the world's eyes to this amazing opportunity called Valentus!

Barry Hughes – Blue Diamond      Kelowna, BC Canada

I have been in the networking industry for over 10 years as a dedicated professional. My wife, Jen, and our two adult children love our life living on our terms, where we want and answer to ourselves. Since joining Valentus, only 1 year ago, I have been genuinely grateful to our CEO, Dave Jordan, for providing such an excellent platform to excel in this business. The compensation plan, proven products and simple, duplicable systems makes this the easiest business I have ever seen to achieve success working from home. Another gift has been the partnerships found within Valentus with all of the emerging leaders both inside and outside of our own organization. We are grateful to you all and many thanks to our sponsor, Ted & Michelle Wilson, for introducing us to this incredible opportunity.

With Valentus, I strive to be seen as a leader who inspires others, who is true to his word and helps to create an environment where all representatives and customers experience value with Valentus’ products and business opportunity. Coaching and empowering others is a passion of mine and I love that I get to serve people through this amazing opportunity. In my experience, Valentus offers all of the stability needed to sustain a long-term business, with perfect timing of being right at the beginning of what is proving to be a viral movement in the functional health and beverage Industry.
On behalf of Jen and myself, let us be the first to welcome you to this wonderful opportunity of a lifetime!

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